An on-line flood database for Greece supported by earth observation data and GIS

Μ. Νικολαΐδου, Α. Μουρατίδης, Γ. Δοξάνη, Δ. Οικονομίοδης, Μ. Τσακίρη-Στρατή, Φ. Σάρτη


Flooding, a result of both natural and anthropogenic factors, poses serious risks for life, properties and infrastructure. On global scale, with respect to the direct or indirect impact of natural disasters on millions of people per year, floods are ranked as number one catastrophe. In Greece, despite the plethora of major and catastrophic events in the country during the past decades, floods had not been adequately studied. Furthermore, although Earth Observation (EO) data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a secure and economic way of delineating, monitoring and ultimately managing flood events, they have been hardly used in relevant studies in Greece. The main objectives of the present study were the production of an online flood database for Greece, the use of EO and GIS techniques for flood mapping and the provision of freely available geospatial data. EO data used mainly included Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) (e.g. ENVISAT/ASAR, ERS) and medium to high resolution optical satellite imagery (e.g. Landsat, SPOT) for delineating flooded areas and producing flood and flood-risk maps. The results of the investigation are publically available over the internet through the projects website, with potential for further updates and expansion. Overall, it is envisaged that the data provided through this project, shall serve as a basis for flood disaster management in the future, both during as well as in the pre- and postcrisis phases.

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10ο Διεθνές Γεωγραφικό Συνέδριο; 10th International Geographical Congress; hazards; risks; disasters; κίνδυνοι; ρίσκα; καταστροφές; Greece; floods; database; GIS; Earth observation; mapping

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