Geography contribution in rapports between natural heritage and the society (case of southern region in Albania)

Gentian Ruspi, Niko Rogo


Assessment of natural heritage in the conditions of planets extreme humanism, it gets more value and a high importance as a protector, propagator and practical one when it is taken in consideration scientific, touristic and didactical use of them. In this framework, geographers give their contribution through analyses, assessments, studies and public discussion that are made evident through respective publications. Such contribution is represented through this study, which is focused in assessment of the natural monuments in Southern Region of Albania, introducing its situation, problems and measures that should be undertaken in the future, in order to protect such natural heritage. The methodology which is used to realize such kind of study it has combined: primary data with secondary data; field work with office work; formal analyze with conclusive and recommendation syntheses. As primary data have served the institution data and field data, results of surveys etc. Among the secondary data, an important place it belongs to modern literature of geographical studies on natural heritage in general and specifically on natural monuments, researches in the websites updated information etc. Based on the specifics of such natural monuments, the research work has taken in consideration their categorizing in: * Bio - Monuments , where attention it is focused to some specific trees in our region based on their dimensions and their age: * Geo -Monuments, among which are made evident caves and stones in specific shapes * Hydro -Monuments where are assessed the water resources with highlight esthetical and touristic values. Conclusions pay attention to the importance of rapports between geographers, society and natural heritage (natural monuments) such a case is this research study.

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10ο Διεθνές Γεωγραφικό Συνέδριο; 10th International Geographical Congress; Cultural Geography; Πολιτισμική Γεωγραφία; Albania

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