Τεύχος Τίτλος
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Evidence of Pre-Apulian (Paxos) isopic Zone3 in the Filiatra-Pylos area (SW Peloponnese, Greece)  PDF
Κ. Ψώνης, Α. Δ. Φωτιάδης, Παναγιώτης Τσόμπος
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Characteristics of cyclic Upper Triassic platform carbonates in the Transdanubian Range, Hungary and in the Pelagonian Zone, Greece - a comparison  PDF
Φωτεινή Πομώνη-Παπαϊωάννου, Β. Κωστοπούλου, J. Haas
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Fault geometry, surface ruptures, damage pattern and deformation field of the 2009 L' Aquila earthquake in Italy. Findings and impications  PDF
Ι. Παπανικολάου, Ευθύμιος Λ. Λέκκας, Ι Φουντούλης, Μ. Φουμέλης, Ι. Παρχαρίδης
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Amber on the Romanian market  PDF
A. Neacsu, D. G. Dumitras, M. E. Cioaca
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Seismic image of the top of Jurassic structure under Polish Outer Carpathians in the zone Southeast of Krakow  PDF
P. Marzec, K. Pietsch, J. Golonka, R. Florek
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Rhodope orogen: Constraints from macro - and microstructures, petrology and geochemistry  PDF
K. Krenn, Ch. Bauer, , A. Proyer, G. Hoinkes
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Data Management System GEORIOS - documentation and evaluation of natural hazards  PDF
A. Kociu, N. Tilch, L. Schwarz
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) A petrologic examination and detailed mapping of the tectonic margin between the Jurassic Pindos - Vourinos ophiolite and metamorphic Triassic-Jurassic Pelagonian platform carbonates in west Macedonia, Greece  PDF
J. Jakob, Ν. Τουγιαννίδης, T. Reinsch, Α. Ράσσιου
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) EuroGeoSource - a web GIS system harmonizing geo-energy and mineral resource databases in Europe  PDF
, M. Maruntiu, A.-M. Vijdea
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Geomorphological and geological observations at the coast of Tripiti Hill (Heraklion harbour, Crete), in relation to reported active faulting  PDF
Αθανάσιος Γκάνας, Ν. Παλύβος, Γ. Μαυρίκας, Σ. Κ. Κόλιας, Χ. Τσιμή
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The best geotouristic objects of the Silesian unit, Outer flysch Carpathians in the vicinity of Krakow, Poland  PDF
M. Doktor, J. Golonka, A. Waskowska, T. Slomka
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Radiolarian ages and geochemical data on the ophiolites from the Koziakas massif (Greece)  PDF
M. Chiari, V. Bortolotti, M. Marcucci, Α. Δ. Φωτιάδης, G. Principi, E. Saccani
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Middle pleistocene rodents (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the fissure filling Kamenjak on Vencac near Arandjelovac (central Serbia)  PDF
K. Bogicevic, Z. Markovic, D. Nemadic, J. Milivojevic, Z. Lazarevic
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Buzau land geopark. Steps in building a new geopark in Romania  PDF
A. Andrasanu
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Geological and geomorphological values of the castle hill geological and educational trail situated in Szanda (northern Hungary)  PDF
A. Dobos, Z. Gali
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Alpine polyphase metamorphism in metapelites from Sidironero complex (Rhodope domain, NE Greece)  PDF
Ε. Μπόσκος, A. Krohe, Ι. Μπαζιώτης
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Spatial and temporal variations in the geochemistry of suspended particulate matter in the shallow deltaic embayment of northern Thermaikos gulf, Greece  PDF
Κ. Τσομπανόγλου, Ανανίας Ε. Τσιραμπίδης, Κ. Αλμπανάκης, Ε. Κρασακοπούλου, Άρης Παπαγεωργίου, Χ. Αναγνώστου
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Mineralogical - geochemical study of uranium bearing granite phases in Paranesti area, N. Greece  PDF
Φ. Περγαμαλής, Ε. Δ. Καραγεωργίου, Α. Κουκουλής, Ι. Κατσίκης
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Geomorphological and geological observations at the coast of Tripiti hill (Heraklion harbour, Crete), in relation to reported active faulting  PDF
Αθανάσιος Γκάνας, Ν. Παλύβος, Γ. Μαυρίκας, Σ. Κόλλιας, Χ. Τσιμή
Τόμ. 98 (2006) Taphonomic results from Petrlaska cave, eastern Serbia  PDF
Milica Mijatovic
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) A landslide research at Northeastern Turkey using @D electrical resistivity method  PDF
S. Yilmaz
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Late glacial vegetation and palaeoenvironment in the northwestern Rila Mountains, Bulgaria: the pollen record of Lake Ribno  PDF
S. Tonkov, E. Bozilova, G. Possnert
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Quaternary glacial features on the Tzumerka massif (Pindos chain, Greece) Preliminary data  PDF
Λ. Σταματόπουλος, G. Palmentola
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Peliminary results of provenance analyses of exotic magmatic and metamorphic rock pebbles from the Eocene flysch deposits of the Magura nappe (Krynica facies zone, Outer Carpathians0  PDF
D. Salata, N. Oszczypko
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Structural interpretation of seismic data in Polish Outer Carpathians southwest and southeast of Krakow  PDF
K. Pietsch, J. Golonka, P. Marzec, R. Florek
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