Τεύχος Τίτλος
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Contribution of insar and kinematic GPS data to subsidence and geohazard monitoring in central Macedonia (N. Greece)  PDF
Α. Μουρατίδης, P. Briole, Α. Αστάρας, Σπυρίδων Β. Παυλίδης, Μαρία Τσακίρη-Στρατή, M. Ilieva, F. Rolandone, Κ. Κατσαμπάλος
Τόμ. 99 (2010) New hippopotamid finds in Eurotas valley (Lakonia, Greece)  PDF
Α. Αθανασίου, Δ. Μπούζος
Τόμ. 98 (2006) Paleontological and stratigraphical research in Loutra Arideas bear cave (Almopia speleopark, Pella, Macedonia, Greece)  PDF
Ευαγγελία Σ. Τσουκαλά, Κατερίνα Χατζοπούλου, Gernot Rabeder, Σπυριδούλα Παππά, Doris Nagel, Gerhard Withaim
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Fluids related to remobilization of mesozoic sulfide mineralization in the Eptadendro - Rachi region in eastern Rhodope, Thrace, Greece  PDF
Β. Μέλφος, Α. Χατζηκύρκου, Κ. Μ. Μιχαηλίδης, Π. Βουδούρης
Τόμ. 98 (2006) Almopia speleopark (Pella, Macedonia, Greece) : morphology-speleogenesis of the caves  PDF
Γεώργιος Λαζαρίδης
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Arsenic distribution in laterite deposits of the Balkan Peninsula  PDF
Δ. Γ. Ηλιόπουλος, Μ. Οικονόμου-Ηλιοπούλου
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Assessment of heavy metals concentrations in sediments of Bogdanas river at the Assiros-Lagadas area, northern Greece  PDF
Α. Ν. Γιούρη, Κ. Χριστοφορίδης, Β. Μέλφος, Μιχάλης Κ. Βαβελίδης
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Crystallization conditions of the xanthi plutonic complex (Rhodope massif, N. Greece): geothermometry and geobarometry  PDF
Γεώργιος Χριστοφίδης, Λ. Παπαδοπούλου, Τ. Σολδάτος, Αντώνιος Α. Κορωναίος
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Environmental impact of Pt, Pd, Rh and Au from catalytic converters along roadsides : the case of Attica, Greece  PDF
Μ. Οικονόμου-Ηλιοπούλου, Τ. Σφεντόνη
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Rockfall susceptibility zoning and evaluation of rockfall hazard at the foot hill of mountain Orliagas, Greece  PDF
Γ. Παπαθανασίου, Σ. Βαλκανιώτης, Αλέξανδρος Α. Χατζηπέτρος
Τόμ. 99 (2010) A climatic investigation of precipitation amount associated with 500-hPa cyclones which are affecting the greek territory during warm period of the year  PDF
Σεραφείμ Σπανός, Μ. Σπηλιωτόπουλος
Τόμ. 98 (2006) The greek late neogene-quaternary ursids in relation to palaeogeography and palaeoenvironment  PDF
Δημήτρης Κωστόπουλος, Κατερίνα Βασιλειάδου
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Environmental assessment of potentially toxic trace elements in sediments of Filippos B port, northern Aegean Sea - A comparison with other national and international coastal regions  PDF
Γ. Παπαστέργιος, Ανέστης Α. Φιλιππίδης, J. L. Fernadez-Turiel, D. Gimeno
Τόμ. 98 (2006) Quaternary mammalian remains from the Kitseli Pothole (Alea, Nemea, Peloponnese)  PDF
Ευαγγελία Σ. Τσουκαλά, Αντώνιος Ε. Μπαρτσιώκας, Κατερίνα Χατζοπούλου, Γεώργιος Λαζαρίδης
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Grossular / hydrogrossular in rodingites from Othrys ophiolite (central Greece) : raman spectroscopy as a tool to distinguish it from vesuvianite  PDF
Μ. Περάκη, Σ. Καρίπη, Ι. Ρηγόπουλος, Β. Τσικούρας, Π. Πομώνης, Κ. Χατζηπαναγιώτου
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Evaluation of sea-level rise impact on cemented and uncemented beach. Case study from Thassos island, Greece  PDF
Δ. Ψωμιάδης, Κ. Αλμπανάκης, Π. Τσούρλος
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Probabilities of earthquake occurrence in the Corinth gulf and its vicinity inferred from combined information  PDF
Τ. Μ. Τσάπανος, Γ. Χ. Κοραβός, Μ. Τσάπανος, P. W. Burton
Τόμ. 99 (2010) On pliocene mammal remains in the area of Epanomi (Macedonia, Greece)  PDF
Α. Αθανασίου, Δημήτρης Κωστόπουλος
Τόμ. 98 (2006) The sedimentology of the bear cave of Almopia speleopark (Pella, Macedonia, Greece)  PDF
Ανανίας Ε. Τσιραμπίδης
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Upper Jurassic - lower Cretaceous platform-to-basin integrated stratigraphy across the bulgarian/serbian border  PDF
D. Ivanova, E. Koleva-Rekalova, I. Lakova, K. Stoykova, M. Ivanov, L. Metodiev, S. Petrova, P. Tchoumatchenco, D. Rabrenovic, V. Radulovic, N. Malesevic
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Preliminary data on an anomalous chrome-spinel assemblage from Amanos mountains serpentinites (Turkey)  PDF
G. Grieco, M. Pedrotti, S. Kastrati, M. Moroni
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Depth zones of the Dead Sea rift as a possible source of hydrocarbons  PDF
Y. Galant, Y. Pikovskiy
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Geological and geomorphological values of the Castle Hill geological and educational trail situated in Szanda (northern Hungary)  PDF
A. Dobos, Z. Gali
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) A proposed methodology for coastal risk management  PDF
I. Cherif, Τ. Κ. Αλεξανδρίδης, Γ. Μπίλας, Ν. Καραπέτσας, Γ. Ν. Σιλλέος
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Aspects and significations of plagioclase disequilibria in the rocks of the Ditrau Alkaline Intrusive Complex (Romania)  PDF
G. Brindea
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