Τεύχος Τίτλος
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The geotourist development on the example of the area of Jasieniowa Mt. (western Carpathians flysch, Poland)  PDF
P. Dmytrowski, M. Gorna
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Urban paleoseismology : case studies from Thessaloniki, Greece  PDF
Αλέξανδρος Α. Χατζηπέτρος, Σπυρίδων Β. Παυλίδης, Α. Ζερβοπούλου
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Top of geological maps creation in the last forty years in the Slovak Republic : a new general geological map 1 : 200 000  PDF
V. Bezak, L. Hrasko
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The timing of volcanism and associated precious metal mineralization in the Apuseni mountains, Romania  PDF
D. Alderton, Z. Pecskay, L. Snee
Τόμ. 100 (2010) The current state of conservation of Romanian stone monuments  PDF
I. Sandu, M. Branzila, O.-G. Iancu, I. G. Sandu, V. Vasilasche, A. V. Sandu
Τόμ. 100 (2010) The palaeogeographic position of the Jadar block (Vardar zone, NW Serbia) in the early carboniferous  PDF
D. Korn, M. Sudar, M. Novak, D. Jovanovic
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Monitoring mineral extraction and processing sites in west and south west Romania by remote sensing-derived information and laboratory analyses  PDF
A.-M. Vijdea, G. Bindea, M. Zoran, O. Coltoi, C. Dumitrica
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Organic matter composition and maturity of the Callovian (middle Jurassic) sediments from Lithuania  PDF
L. Marynowski, M. Zaton, L. Karwowski
Τόμ. 98 (2006) [Εισαγωγικά τόμου 98]  PDF
Τόμ. 98 (2006) The geology of Almopia speleopark  PDF
Γεώργιος Ελευθεριάδης
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Spatial and temporal variations in the geochemistry of suspended particulate matter in the shallow deltaic embayment of northern Thermaikos gulf, Greece  PDF
Κ. Τσομπανόγλου, Α. Τσιραμπίδης, Κ. Αλμπανάκης, Ε. Κρασακοπούλου, Άρης Παπαγεωργίου, Χ. Αναγνώστου
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Observations and modeling of moisture and decay patterns in stone monoliths in Southern England  PDF
H. A. Viles, J. Eklund, A. Hamilton, C. Hall
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The role of the time factor in the hydrothermal metallogenesis related to the Neogene volcanism in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region  PDF
A. Szakacs, J. Lexa, F. Molnar, I. Seghedi, M. Kovacs, Z. Pecskay, I. Marton
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Seismotectonic model on geological data for 1892 Dulovo earthquake, lower Danube valley  PDF
S. Shanov, A. Radulov
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Mineral, thermal amd therapeutic waters of the Polish carpathians  PDF
L. Rajchel, J. Rajchel
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Age and source heterogeneities in the rocks of Lutzkan and Ruy plutons, Bulgaria: some thoughts about their relation to the Au-mineralization at ''Zlata'' deposit  PDF
I. Peytcheva, A. von Quadt, M. Dyulgerov, R. Nedialkov
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Geological features of Kisla dome structure in South of Isparta and its tectonic evolution, SW Turkey  PDF
N. Ozgur, F. Yagmurlu, Z. Kamaci, M. Senturk, T.A. Calliskan
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Age and evolution of the Wetterstein Carbonate Platform in SW Serbia (Zlatibor Mountain)  PDF
S. Missoni, M. N. Sudar, H.-J. Gawlick, D. Jovanovic, R. Lein
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Sarmatian Heraclites, migration bitumens, fault tectonics, and hydrocarbon potential affshore Crimea  PDF
V. I. Lysenko, A. A. Kitchka, V. V. Yudin
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Palaeoenvironment of the eastern Mediterranean Miocene hominoids  PDF
Γεώργιος Δημητρίου Κουφός
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The behaviour of amorphous silica-rich rocks as cementitious additives in screed mortars  PDF
Σ. Καβούρη, Μ. Γ. Σταματάκης, Ε. Καφρίτσα, Δ. Φραγκούλης
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The Tokaj Mts. obsidian - its use in praehistory and present application  PDF
D. Hovorka, L'. Illasova
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Morphotectonic analysis and branching for Mygdonia active fault system (Macedonia, N. Greece)  PDF
Χ. Γκαρλαούνη, Ελευθερία Ε. Παπαδημητρίου, Β. Γ. Καρακώστας, Αδαμάντιος Α. Κίλιας
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Arsenic distribution in laterite deposits of the Balkan Peninsula  PDF
Δ. Γ. Ηλιόπουλος, Μ. Οικονόμου-Ηλιοπούλου
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Hydrothermal methane fluxes from the soil at Sousaki (Greece)  PDF
Alessandro W. D', L. Brusca, Κ. Κυριακόπουλος, M. Martelli, Γ. Μίχας, Γεώργιος Παπαδάκης, F. Salerno
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