Τεύχος Τίτλος
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Spatial and temporal variations in the geochemistry of suspended particulate matter in the shallow deltaic embayment of northern Thermaikos gulf, Greece  PDF
Κ. Τσομπανόγλου, Ανανίας Ε. Τσιραμπίδης, Κ. Αλμπανάκης, Ε. Κρασακοπούλου, Άρης Παπαγεωργίου, Χ. Αναγνώστου
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Mineralogical - geochemical study of uranium bearing granite phases in Paranesti area, N. Greece  PDF
Φ. Περγαμαλής, Ε. Δ. Καραγεωργίου, Α. Κουκουλής, Ι. Κατσίκης
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Geomorphological and geological observations at the coast of Tripiti hill (Heraklion harbour, Crete), in relation to reported active faulting  PDF
Αθανάσιος Γκάνας, Ν. Παλύβος, Γ. Μαυρίκας, Σ. Κόλλιας, Χ. Τσιμή
Τόμ. 98 (2006) Taphonomic results from Petrlaska cave, eastern Serbia  PDF
Milica Mijatovic
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Molybdenite occurrences in Greece: mineralogy, geochemistry and depositional environment  PDF
Κώστας Βουδούρης, Β. Μέλφος, R. Moritz, P. G. Spry, M. Ortelli, T. Kartal
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) New insights into the lithosphere beneath the Romanian seismic network from Rayleigh wave dispersion and receiver function analysis  PDF
D. Tataru, B. Grecu, V. Raileanu
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Isotopic and paleomagnetic studies of the Middle and Upper Jurassic carbonates in the Pieniny Klippen Belt: environmental and paleogeographic implications for the Northern Tethys  PDF
M. Sidorczuk, M. Lewandowski, Z. Belka, K. Nejbert
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Genetic significance of the Cretaceous black and red shales from the Eastern Carpathians (Romania)  PDF
R.D. Roban, M.C. Melinte-Dobrinescu
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Structural interpretation of seismic data in Polish Outer Carpathians southwest and southeast of Krakow  PDF
K. Pietsch, J. Golonka, P. Marzec, R. Florek
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Triassic pillow lavas of the head of the obduction front of the Zlatibor Mt. ophiolite SW Serbia  PDF
L.. Palinkas, S. Strmic-Palinkas, T. Kolar-Jurkovsek, D. Jovanovic, D. Popovic, D. Milovanovic
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Upper Cretaceous magmatic evolution of the Timok magmatic complex (TMC) and Ridanj-Krepoljin zone (RKZ), east Serbia : implications from geochemistry and geochronology  PDF
M. Moll, M. Quednau, I. Peytcheva, C. Heinrich
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Phenomenon of mud volcanoes in western Romania as a geoturism object  PDF
G. Madeja, P. Mrowczyk
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Role of climate and carbon dioxide in tree-ring growth of greek firs from Ainos Mountain, western Greece : 1820-2007 AD  PDF
Α. Κουταβάς
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Late Miocene environmental changes in an embayment of Lake Pannon on a decadal-scale  PDF
A. Kern, M. Harzhauser, A. Soliman, W. E. Piller, M. Gross
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The Late Oligocene-Early Miocene Petrified Forest in Evros and its paleoclimatic significance  PDF
S. Iamandei, E. Iamandei, Ε. Βελιτζέλος
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Effects of high temperatures in building granites : micro-cracking patterns and ultrasound velocity attenuation  PDF
M. Gomez-Heras, P. Vazquez, L. Carrizo, R. Fort, F. J. Alonso
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Origin and deformation of the Thrace basin : constraints from fault-slip analysis  PDF
L. I. Fodor, A. I. Okay, E. Ozcan
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Morphotectonic analysis along the neotectonic faults of Geras guls of Lesvos island (NE Aegean, Greece)  PDF
Ε. Δελόγκος, Σ. Βαλκανιώτης, Νικόλαος Ζούρος, Σπυρίδων Β. Παυλίδης
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) The celestite mineralization of the middle miocene (Badenian) diamictites, Vrancea district, Romania  PDF
A. Cehlarof
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Camptonites from the Ditrau Aklaline massif, Romania : geochemistry and petrogenesis  PDF
A. Batki, E. Pal-Molnar
Τόμ. 39, Αρ. 1/2 (2010) Socioeconomic influence of natural disasters in the western Balkan countries  PDF
B. Abolmasov, S. Mihalic, G. Hadzi-Nikovic, M. Marjanovic, M. Krkac
Τόμ. 100 (2010) A review of age constraints of epithermal precious and base metal deposits of the tertiary eastern Rhodopes : coincidence with late eocene-early oligocene tectonic plate reorganization along the tethys  PDF
R. Moritz, I. Marton, M. Ortelli, P. Marchev, Π. Βουδούρης, N. Bonev, R. Spikings, M. Cosca
Τόμ. 100 (2010) Magnetic properties of soils around local pollution sources (Crete, Greece)  PDF
Ε. Κόκκινου
Τόμ. 99 (2010) Application of regionalized variable theory in analysis of morphological phenomena of the Herzegovina karst  PDF
P. Marijanovic, M. Prskalo, A. Colak
Τόμ. 99 (2010) camptonites from the Ditrau alkaline massif, Romania: geochemistry and petrogenesis  PDF
A. Batki, E. Pal-Molnar
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